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Town has highest rate of

vacancy in County Louth

End of an era as Fyffes to Vacancy rate in Dundalk has increased by 0.1 percent Business: finish Dundalk FC deal

Fyffescall DAVID LYNCH Witha Europe-widerecession The top five countiesto record the d av i d @ d u n d a l kd e m o c ra t . i e predicted and working from home to highestvacancy ratesinQ2 2020 were

ahaltto become more commonplace,it will all in Connacht. Thecommerical vacancyrate inCounty likelybe 2021 or 2022 before thefull Sligo, at19.3%, was thecounty with Louth remains higher than the national impact of Covid-19 on commercial the highestcommercial vacancyrate,

Dundalk averageaccording toa newreport property trends becomes apparent. followed by Leitrim (17.1%), Mayo and released last week. The total stock of commercial Roscommon (16.6% each) and Galway

sponsor The commercial vacancyrate in properties in the countrywas 211,194 in ( 1 6.6 % ) . Louth increased by 0.1 percentage point June 2020, with28,469 (13.5%) listedas Meath (10.1%) hadthe lowest to 14.2% in Quarter2 2020(April to vacant. Almosthalf ofall commercial commercial vacancy rate in the country,

deal June), according to analysis in the latest properties in the country were located 3.4pp lower than the State average. The GeoView Commercial Property in Leinster (49.5%), with Dublin commercial vacancy ratein the capital releasedby GeoDirectoryandEY-DKM accountingfor23.6% oftheoverall stoodat 12.2% inJune 2020, slightlyup Economic Advisory Services. tota l . (0.1pp) on the June 2019 figure. e DAVID d i t o r @ d u LYNCH nd a l kd e m o c ra t . i e average Dundalkwasthe This of ishigher 13.5%. thanthe townwiththe national provinces rates Increases were , recorded withonly in commercial in Leinster three out vacancy ( of 12 four .4%) vacancy with Dundalk the rate was highest in the the town rate with Edenderry in the the highestcommercial country in Co at . Offaly 29.2% was , followed the vacancy town by Afterwhat itsmanaging highest vacancyrate inthe WeeCounty remaining unchanged. Wee County (18.5%), Ballybofey, Co.Donegal (29%)and director, GerryCunningham (18.5%), while Ardeehad thelowest Connacht had the highest while Ardee had the Kilrush, Co. Clare (25.9%). Despite described as “nine great years ( 1 4 .6 % ) . commercial vacancy rate at 17%, further lowest (14.6%) recording an increase of 1.1pp, as main clubsponsor”, Fyffes However, the reports addsthat it is emphasising the east-west divide in Greystones, Co.Wicklow, wasonce hasconfirmed thatits too early to gauge the impact of Covid-19 economicactivitythat hasbeenevident again the townwith the lowest sponsorship arrangement on commercial property stock and in previous GeoView Commercial commercial vacancy rate in the State at withDundalk FCwillnot vacancy rates. Property reports. 6.9 % . extendbeyond thescheduled end of the current season which finishes in October.

Disappointed locals 'heavy-hearted' as Reflectingon whathe termed “the sense of pride thatwe inFyffesshare inthe

Stephenstown Pond facilities remain shuttered C lub’s achievements”, Mr. Cunningham praised players, managers, officials and supporters on having success recorded in suchnotable Irish and d DAVID av i d @ d u LYNCH n d a l kd e m o c ra t . i e enthusiastic who would have users been of the regular pond and and like offered it is . . It’s such a shame to see it European competitions. facilities formany years - have "So manyvisitors notrealizing

The Fyffes / DundalkFC The sense of growing been unable tocome and visit you have to pay at the barriers or sponsorship commenced disappointment overthe current anymore becauseof theclosed-off theirchildren desperateforthe nine seasonsago aheadof the shuttered state of facilities at toilets and facilities. toilet oreven for anice cream! 2012 season. In addition to is Stephenstown Pond in One person,posting on L et’s hope thingsimprove very sponsorship, thesupport Knockbridge has been highlighted Knockbridge Community Forum soon and we can be proud again." that Fyffesbrought tothe by local userson a community on Facebooksaid they hada heavy Another person posted about Club included the production forum page on Facebook in recent heart upon visiting recently, the need for sucha great amenity of four videoscharting their d ays . writing: "Avisit tothelovelypond tobe fullyrestored, especially rise to prominence, and the According to locals, in recent leftme heavy-hearted. The during such "strange times". pairingof theClubwith weeksthe popularWillow Cafeat number ofpeople askingabout "Asacommunity weneedthis Temple Street Children’s thepond hasstayed closedwhile parents - unable to access them. toilet facilities and commenting fabulous facilityre-opened, H o s pi ta l . toiletfacilities havealsoremained Speaking to theDemocrat, one on the closed cafe was so sad. especiallyin thesestrangetimes

Extending their shuttered throughout the local personeven explainedhow "We moved to Knockbridge when local peopleneed local appreciation and thanks to all pandemic, leaving childrenusing groups from Saint John of God because wehad youngchildren amenities to safely spend time involvedin theCluband the popular playground - and their North EastServices inDrumcar - and lovedthe pond andall it with family." wishingthem everysuccess for thefuture, Fyffes Marketing Manager, Emma €871,000 for capital works and equipment in DkIT Hunt-Duffysaid: “We have elected to makethis announcementahead ofthe conclusionto thecurrent Some €871,000 hasbeen allocated “DKIT play a hugely important season inorder toaddress for capital works and equipment in role in the fabric of our community recentmedia speculationin DKIT, a Fine Gael Senator has said. hereinDundalk andthewider thematter, andto givethe SenatorJohn McGahonsaidthe North East region,”ad d e d Clubevery possibletimeand funding will allowthe institution to McGahon. opportunity to secure an address small-scale capital “It isessential thatDKIT can arrangement forthe 2021 investment and equipment needs reinvest in their existing estate, s ea s o n . based on their own priorities, renewand updatetheirequipment,

“Looking ahead, our focus including health and safety works, and can makecapital investments willbe onourongoing infrastructure upgrades, ICT and torespond todevelopmentsin commitment tosupporting equipment renewal, and online and blended learning. communities andgrass root energy-related upgrades. “Ongoingcapital investmentis initiatives in Ireland –such as Senator McGahon said: “This essentialto ensuringahigh-quality FyffesFitSquads –as well as funding representsa significant academic environmentand a ourglobal CSRprogramme, increase in the devolved capital positive campusexperience for which concentrates on grant for the higher education students and staff. help expand availabilityof student “Italsocomes atanimportant education, nutrition, gender sector and theextension of the “This flexible funding places andtransform campus time asthe sectorbegins toprepare equality andclimate change,” grant touniversities forthe first complements other targeted capital infrastructure overthe coming forthe returnof studentsnext Ms. Hunt-Duffy added. time in nearly a decade. investmentsinthe sectorthatwill yea r s . m o nth ,” Senator McGahon said.